PORK memecoin skyrockets with $200m market cap in 48 hours

In an explosive display of investor enthusiasm, PORK, a new memecoin drawing inspiration from the viral Pepe The Frog, has leapt over the competition with a staggering 450% increase in value, amassing a market capitalization of $200 million in a mere 48-hour timeframe.

The Rise of PORK

The digital currency market has witnessed the rapid ascent of PORK, a pink Pepe-The-Frog-themed memecoin and a spin-off from the well-known PEPE coin. With its swift rise, PORK now ranks above Baby Doge Coin, claiming the ninth spot among the largest memecoins by market cap.

Trading and Liquidity

Initially launched on the decentralized exchange Uniswap, PORK is paired with wrapped Ether (WETH) and has also found a trading spot on MEXC. The token’s liquidity and trading volume have contributed to its early success, with roughly $12 million in unlocked liquidity and a fully diluted valuation of $202 million.

Community and Supply Dynamics

Originating from the community surrounding the Ethereum-based PEPE, the fifth largest memecoin, PORK boasts a supply of 420 trillion tokens. Notably, the top 10 holders wield substantial influence, controlling over 15% of the total supply. These wallets, fresh on the blockchain scene, are predominantly stocked with PORK and ETH.

Controversy and Speculation

The PEPE community has cast doubts on PORK’s legitimacy, with accusations of Ponzi schemes aimed at Pauly0x, a pseudonymous crypto participant promoting PORK. Conversely, Pauly0x has deflected these allegations, pointing fingers back at PEPE developers and touting PORK as a credible project within the Pond ecosystem, a defi initiative he founded.

Investor Beware

While PORK’s meteoric rise has caught the attention of many, potential investors are urged to proceed with caution. Memecoins are notoriously volatile and can be subject to extreme price swings and liquidity issues. As with any investment, especially in the high-stakes world of cryptocurrency, due diligence and a measured approach are highly recommended.

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